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After a little bit i got bored and walked to the back of the big building and there was a row of booths i figured it was more movies so i walked into one

and there was a girl in there. holy shit i thought excuse me i said and stated to leave when she said” whats your hurry hon ?”

thats when i noticed there was a plexiglass wall dividing my side of the booth from hers a quarter machine was on the wall next to it she told me to sit down and if i just wanted to talk to feed the quarter monster so that the red light above my head would go out otherwise some guys would bust the door down and kick the shit out of me

not wanting my shit kicjed i complied

my names Beth whats yours ?
i shakily replied James
are you ok sugar ? she said in a sweet as molasses southern drawl your eyes are about to pop out do believe

uhhuh was all i could muster she was wearing a teddy bear nightie and nothng else she looked like she was maybe 14 but swore she was 19

we chatted for a few turns out we were both from the same county in kentucky just opposite sides of it

she asked if i would like to get a blow job or a fuck ? my mind was blown
um ok i said
well a straight fuck is 15 a blow job is 10 and a half and half is 20
not knowing what a half and half was i opted the cheap route a blow job

she said ok and moved a piece of ply wood on her side of the plexiglass and there at crotch level was a perfect circle cut into the plexiglass
she said you'll have to stand and put your cock in there she said

i did she cleared her throat
um sweety i'll need the money first just slide it through first
embarassed i did all ive got is a 20 i said can i get change

again in that southern drawl she said if you go for the half and half we wont need no change she winked

i clumsily agreed

she was cute with dark brown hair and a few freckles on her nose i grinned t her as i handed her the money

she put it in a cup with a pic of betty boop on it and leaned forward now just put it in here honey

i stood and dropped my pants and underwear and my cock was already hard so i stuck it through

she stroked and aisd my you do have a nice one

i blushed and appreciated her lie

she kissed the head then took it in and slowly sucked my cock
after about a minute she pulled off stroking me i was breathign fast she said now let me know if you get close Carlene doesnt liek men to cum in her mouth and besides you paid for some pussy too

i did ?

she giggles well what on earth did you think i meant by half and half

coffee creamer ? i answered

she laughed and went back to sucking me

i enjoyed her talents and was determined not to cum too soon

she had me rigid and when she pulled off my cock was as solid as diamond sledge hammer

mmmm very nice she said she turned around and backed up to the glass

grasped my cock and aimed it into her pussy

mmmmm baby that feels nice she said as she moved back taking my cock entirely in her cunt

i hunched as much as i could considering the glass was in the way
she worked it really good for me

and i swear i thought we were humping for hours but it was probably on like 5 minutes
i blurted out im gonna cum

well go ahead baby you paid for it

i gushed cum deep inher cunt as the world was spinning

after she had drained me she pulled forward my cock slipped ouot still amaznigly hard

she sat back down cleaned me then herself

well how was it

fantastic was all i could say

i left and went back home and a few days later i saw on channel 5 news that the place was busted including a group of 13 and 14 year old girls and realized that Carlene must have been one of them

looking back i was lucky that the bust didnt go down the day i was there

a few weeks later i was hanging with a friend at his parents mobile home in wheel estates trailer park shooting basketball and drinking beer when i heard a sweet voice i looked over and there was Carlene

we hit it off for awhile we went skating and hung out for a few months i was developing a serious bond with her and hten one day she just disappeared heard from her from time to time but we never rekindled the fun we had that summer.

Hentai: (COMIC1☆4) [Nagaredamaya (BANG-YOU)] Haitenai (Bakemonogatari)

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(COMIC1☆4) [流弾屋 (BANG-YOU)] はいてない (化物語)

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