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when me and harvey woke up he asked me if i wanted some breakfast so i said “yes please baby” so harvey handed me a fruit salad and a protein shake i gave him a kiss and we ate are breakfast i asked him “are we still going to the bank today baby” “yeah but i need to go see my mom first and i think you should go see your aswel” “okay babe” so me and harvey went to get dressed

when we went into are bedroom i pulled my boxers off and harvey slapped my butt so i tackled him on are bed harvey laughted at me and said “babe if you want me all you gotta do is ask” “how about i give you a little dance?” so i reached over to my bed side table and got the cd player remote and turned it on and gave harvey a lap dance when i was finished harvey was hard but i got dressed and so did he i just put my shirt on when harvey pinned me to the wall and started kissing me passionatly he started putting his hand up my shirt so i broke are kiss and said “calm down big boy we have a lot to do today” harvey smiled and me and we walked to are cars

when i got to my mom we talked about why i ran off to rome and how me and harvey are doing we was talking for about an hour when i told her i had to go because me and harvey are going to the bank my mom gave me a kiss and a hug as we said bye to each other

i meet harvey at the bank and said “sorry im late babe taffic is insane today” harvey said “its okay babe” so we went in and talk to an account manager all me and harvey had to do was sign a form and we was off

when we both got home i asked harvey what he had to go see his mom about he said “claire is in town and we have to act like we like her at her birthday party on the 20th of this month” i said “wish i never asked now” (she was a bitch to me when i first meet her) harvey said to me he was going for a shower so i went on my twitter on my laptop to see what was new with people about 15 minutes into looking on twitter i need the toilet so i got up and went to the bathroom i tried to open ther door but it was locked so i said “harvey i need the toilet” “cant you wait babe im almost done” “harvey please” “10 more minutes babe” “i cant wait 10 minutes” “go pee in the kitchen sink” “harvey that gross now open the door or i'll kick the fucking thing on it hinges” the next thing i heard was the lock and harvey opened the door i walked him kissed harvey and said “thanks babe” i went for a pee as he showered when harvey was finished in the shower i asked him if he would go to the store for me “sure babe what for?” “i need some cigs babe” “okay but you can cook dinner tonight” about 20 minutes i was waiting and waiting then my cell rang i answered it saying “hello?” “hello am i taking to mr spencer?” “yes who is this?” “im doctor carter your relashion was mugged and as a result was stabbed in the lower chest he is being taken care of at the hospital” i was started crying really hard and ended the call i called my mom to pick me up and to get bella too when they arrived i exsplained and we made are way there

the doctor exsplained harveys state and said that harvey doesnt have any medical insurence and it would be very exspensive to treat him i screamed at the doctor “get your fucking ass in there and save my hustband now!!!” the doctor dint move so i turned to my mom and said “help me” my mum said to the doctor “the law states that if medical insurence isnt founded that doctor or nurse has to continue taking care of the patient and bill the family or person after all medical treatment is completed” “im guessing your a lawyer let me assure you that all medical treatment is being done to harvey to save him i was about to exsplain that before your son screamed at me” the doctor left and we was sat in the waiting room for what felt like days the doctor finaly came and gave us the good news saying harvey had responed to treatement well and was awake i asked “can we see him?” “maybe just 1 person for now” i turned to bella and said “tell him i love him” bella went to see harvey and i waited at the hospital all night the doctor woke me up the next morning and said “your hustband is asking for you” i followed the doctor to where harvey was i walked over to him and sat down “harvey im so sorry. Stepmother Twin Milf Ch. 1-14 + Bangai Hen Dildo… i should have went for my cigs my self” saying that crying my eyes out harvey took my hand and kissed it he said “dont be sorry babe its not your fault” i stayed all day with my hustband i feed him and we talked i must have feel asleep on harveys leg because when i woke up harvey was looking down at me and said “you look so peaceful and sexy when you sleep” i said “dont worry about me you focus on getting your self better” “im gonna be fine babe” “your right you are and when you get home im gonna make sure your taken care of” harvey smiled at me and said “does that mean your gonna me my nurse?” “yes but that thing your thinking its not gonna happen until your fully better” harvey smiled wider and said “not even if we take it easy” “it will give you something to look forward to when your better baby”.

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