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Amber nodded and looked toward the group before her “so when will the coronation take place I am anxious to get that over with”
Jim stepped forward ” that is the one time I will be the most worried about her as she will be more in the open and more vulnerable to attack. ”

As the crowd quieted Amber began, “Not long after the tragedy and the lost of my family, I took it upon myself to continue the line, not being one to be told who I could be with I made a descision on my own,” there were a few gasps from the assmbly as she continued, ” I therefore wish to announce that I am now carrying a set of twins one boy and one girl” a louder gasp came from more of the people in the room.

Hentai: (C95) [Angel of Blue Sky (Toito)] likowaruiko (Fate/Grand Order)

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(C95) [Angel of Blue Sky (トイト)]いい子悪い子(Fate/Grand Order)

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