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Shadow then flash stepped into the air and slashed his sword down as a Getsuga Tensho came rippling down changing color from red and black to pure black as it hit and destroyed the whole construction site! Shadow then fell from the sky and hit the ground hard while panting from the use of his power. She kissed her right nipple again, and then she took the nipple into her mouth sucking on her nipple softly.

Hentai: (C84) [Berry!16 (Saki Chisuzu, Mori Guruta)] Luna Dial (Touhou Project)

Luna Dial 1Luna Dial 2Luna Dial 3Luna Dial 4Luna Dial 5Luna Dial 6Luna Dial 7Luna Dial 8Luna Dial 9Luna Dial 10Luna Dial 11Luna Dial 12Luna Dial 13Luna Dial 14Luna Dial 15Luna Dial 16Luna Dial 17Luna Dial 18Luna Dial 19Luna Dial 20Luna Dial 21Luna Dial 22Luna Dial 23Luna Dial 24Luna Dial 25Luna Dial 26Luna Dial 27Luna Dial 28Luna Dial 29Luna Dial 30Luna Dial 31Luna Dial 32Luna Dial 33Luna Dial 34Luna Dial 35Luna Dial 36Luna Dial 37Luna Dial 38Luna Dial 39Luna Dial 40Luna Dial 41Luna Dial 42

(C84) [Berry!16 (さき千鈴、森ぐる太)]ルナ・ダイアル(東方Project)

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