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A plain white bra supported but didn't flatter her breasts, a tight t-shirt showed off how slim she was (if there was one thing Shaina was proud of, it was that she didn't have a pound of unnecessary fat on her), and a loose knee-length skirt flowed around her legs. Angie's hands controlled Shaina's body, keeping her face pressed into the countertop and smearing cum everywhere, and grasping her shoulders to get better leverage on her long, fast strokes.

Hentai: (C84) [Sweet Pea, COCOA BREAK (Ooshima Tomo, Ooshima Towa)] NicoMaki! HUG! (Love Live!) [English] [Yuri-ism]

NicoMaki! HUG! 1NicoMaki! HUG! 2NicoMaki! HUG! 3NicoMaki! HUG! 4NicoMaki! HUG! 5NicoMaki! HUG! 6NicoMaki! HUG! 7NicoMaki! HUG! 8NicoMaki! HUG! 9NicoMaki! HUG! 10NicoMaki! HUG! 11NicoMaki! HUG! 12NicoMaki! HUG! 13NicoMaki! HUG! 14NicoMaki! HUG! 15NicoMaki! HUG! 16NicoMaki! HUG! 17NicoMaki! HUG! 18NicoMaki! HUG! 19NicoMaki! HUG! 20NicoMaki! HUG! 21NicoMaki! HUG! 22NicoMaki! HUG! 23NicoMaki! HUG! 24NicoMaki! HUG! 25NicoMaki! HUG! 26NicoMaki! HUG! 27NicoMaki! HUG! 28NicoMaki! HUG! 29NicoMaki! HUG! 30NicoMaki! HUG! 31

(C84) [スイートピー、COCOA BREAK (大島智、大島永遠)]にこまきっ! HUG!(ラブライブ!) [英訳]

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