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I kept moving my tongue across the underside of his cock and then I decided to try and get a little more in. And when we wouldn’t talk he would play the guitar and I would sit watching as he smoked and played and smiled at me, making my 14 year old self fall for him very painfully…

I leaned on the bar, now in-front of him, and smiled.

Hentai: [朝比奈吉利] 絶対消耗ができないユズのフリーパスNO.00001 (ブルーアーカイブ) [日語、中国語]

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[朝比奈吉利]絶対消耗ができないユズのフリーパスNO.00001(ブルーアーカイブ) [日語、中国語]

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