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We talked as we ate our dinner, which tasted excellent but a far cry from the sweetness that is you; we also enjoyed the champagne as well, making a toast to the weekend and all the pleasures to be had. Info link After a short while the waiter ask if we would like dessert we said yes that would do nicely to finish off dinner, we ordered chocolate moose, and the waiter was off to get it, as he left you looked at me with a grin from ear to ear as you tell me you want the dessert in my pants, in my mine I had already thought of that, we look around together to see if anyone was looking, when we saw it was clear you slid under the table, you reach for my zipper and yank it down my cock is rock hard as it pops out of my pants, I lift my ass a little so you can pull my pants down some, as I settle back down you already have the head of my cock in your mouth , as you work your tongue all over the head, making me get hotter and harder than I was already, then you swallow me whole, it feels so fucking good, you do things to my cock that I can't believe could be done, but I was on the verge of blowing my load, but you slow down and gently massage my balls prolonging my eruption, so after a few moments of teasing my cock you take it deep into your mouth again and I can't wait any longer, I start to cum as I do you pull my cock out of your mouth, as I shoot it all over your face, and on your lips, my cock just won't stop as I shoot more ,but this time you catch it in your mouth as you swallow my second load.

Hentai: (C100) [HellDevice (nalvas)] Saimin Koubi Daisakusen (SPY x FAMILY) [Chinese] [一只麻利的鸽子汉化]

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(C100) [HellDevice (nalvas)]さいみんこうびだいさくせん(SPY×FAMILY) [中国翻訳]

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