Storyline Sakura 01 [korean] [제로니모] Gay Fetish

I was waiting for her lips to touch mine or any part of my face, but she surprised me by now having her/our ball gag in her mouth, strapped to her head, something I wasn't expecting, much like the butt plug she had inserted in herself, usually when i'm bound for her pleasure, she uses them both on me, not herself. Uncensored Ore Igai Minna Nyotaika Sitematsuta… When I heard again beside the bed, I yelled “COME ON YOU BITCH, MAKE ME CUM OR AT LEAST RELEASE MY HANDS SO i CAN FINISH MYSELF OFF”

Instead, I felt her squeeze my jaws, making me open my mouth and she stuffed what i realized was her panties in my mouth, I woundered briefly it was the black ones that she was planning to wear to the party, then she stuck the ball gag in my mouth and fastened it around my head while I tried to complain with a full mouth.

Hentai: sakura 01 [korean] [제로니모]

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