[Kyaradain] Shuumatsu Amaenbo Day (COMIC LO 2021-06) [Chinese] [一匙咖啡豆汉化组] [Digital]

when i went to pick harvey up from the hospital he was so pleased to be coming home he signed his discharge papers and i drove him home

when we got home i told harvey to go to bed he gave me his horny eyes and said “you coming with me” with a breif pause i said “i told you mr your banned until your better that means all form of jacking off sucking and sex until your body has healed fully” “what!!! really babe come on that is so not fair” “yes it is baby you was stabbed because of me the only thing i can do to make up for that is helping you get better” harvey came and hugged me and said “babe i wasnt stabbed because of you it was just bad timing” “yeah well that doesnt help you and i feel so guilty each and everyday knowing i got you hurt” harvey wiped the tear running down my face and said “you cant blame your self im going to get into bed baby” harvey left the room and i said “but i do blame my self”

i sat at the kitchen table and thought my hustband was stabbed becuase of me harvey shouted me into the bedroom so i walked in to see him naked i smiled at him and said “nice try mr but im sleeping in the guess room to make sure i dont hurt you in my sleep but trust me you follow my rules i will be well worth the wait” i walked over to harvey and gave him a really long kiss then walked upto his boxers and though them to him and said “cover up baby we have guest arriving soon” “what guess do we have coming?” “your friends and both are families they want to welcome you back home babe” “umm baby i need you to help me get dressed getting undressed im okay with but getting dressed is difficult” so i helped harvey get dressed and about 30 minutes later everyone had arrived

harvey looked like me was having some fun so i melted to the shaddows i went to find brit and when i did i asked her do you wanna come down stairs for a smoke there is to many people in here so me and brit went for a smoke and came back to my apartment about 2 maybe 3 hours later all are guest left and it was just me and harvey again harvey walked upto me and said “why are you avoiding me?” “i dont know what your talking about” “your lying you always bite your tongue after you lie” “dont make me say it baby” “say what? babe please just come out with it” “you could have died (starting to cry) and its all my fault no matter how much you say it isnt i could have been a widdow baby you could have died and ive never been so scared in my life” harvey fast walked upto me cuddled me tight we both sank to the floor and i cried into his sholder repeating you could have died baby harvey keep saying “shh baby its okay im not died im alive and im fine” about 10 minutes later harvey said “come on baby lets go to bed in are bed” harvey got up and so did i and we went to bed when we got into bed i hugged harvey and he hugged me back i watched harvey full asleep and watched him as he slept until i was finally asleep too

when i woke up the next morning my beautiful baby was still asleep so i slide out of bed and had a shower and got dresses i made harvey sme breakfast and brought the tray into him i placed the tray where i normally sleep and i genteraly woke harvey up saying “baby i brought you some breakfast” when he woke up he smiled at the sight of breakfast in bed and said “thanks babe but then again did you cook?” slapping him really lightly round the face i said “you checky git” harvey laughed at me and said “no babe i love your cooking” so let harvey eat his breakfast and i cleaned up the kitchen (damn i wish i had julieta here) then went to the tray for harvey i walked in took the tray away and came back i said to harvey “do you want a shower babe?” “yes please baby” so i helped harvey out of bed and walked him to the shower i took all his clothes off and got him in the shower and washed him harvey was hard most of the time we was in the shower but when i washed it i said “the banned still applys” “come on babe down you want me all we and hard for you” “of course i do baby but your body cant take that kind of pleasure yet baby” “i bet i can baby” “well im not taking that risk baby i only just got you babe from the hpsital i dont want you going back in there” “baby talking of the hospital how am i going to pay for my treatment” “using are bank baby thing like his is the hole idea of why i gave you access to it and we are also going to get you medical insurence when your fit enough” so me and harvey finished are shower and got dressed or in my case redressed i walked harvey into the living room and changed his bandages “baby i love you so much im so sorry” “leon baby i lve you to and stop being sorry” harvey tried it on with me and said “come on babe your the best gay sex ive ever had” i turned around and said “harvey baby im the only sex you have ever had gay or straight” harvey smiled and said “i know baby so i wanna feel your dick ramming into me so hard and fast it hurts” “im sorry baby im sticking to my guns on this one your thank me when your better and we have really hot sex”. .

Hentai: [Kyaradain] Shuumatsu Amaenbo Day (COMIC LO 2021-06) [Chinese] [一匙咖啡豆汉化组] [Digital]

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[きゃらだいん]週末あまえんぼデイ(COMIC LO 2021年6月号) [中国翻訳] [DL版]

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