[Studio Heikoubou (Hyoitto)] Teishu No Inuma Ni Totsugeki! Oyako Donburi

Valerie carefully slid her fingers across the bumps that protruded from the pages on her book, ocassionally stopping to pick up the micro cassette recorder to make some notes for tomorrow's world history class!!! Every so often she would also reach down and scruff Sparky's ears just to reassure herself that he was still there by her side, because having been blind from birth, Valerie's life line to the outside world had at first been her parents and siblings, but as she became older and more mature, those duties were turned over to her trusty guide dog who not only gave her mobility, but also became the best friend she ever had!!! There were several other blind students at the university, and while you would have thought they would have banded together to commiserate or for companionship, just the opposite was the case as they all tried to blend in with the normal campus life!!! Valerie was just about finished with her reading, and since the library was about to close anyway, she began packing up her study materials before heading back to her dorm when all at once she sensed someone else sitting down at her table!!! “Who's there,” she asked while zipping up her back pack!?! “I thought you blind guys were supposed to have these hightened senses that figured these things out,” the young man teased!!! “Dale,” she replied happily, “how have you been!?!” “Real good,” he said, “and I might say that you're looking very pretty tonight, my dear!!!” “Why thank you, kind sir,” she said in a mocking tone, “care to walk me back to my room!?!” “Sure thing,” he replied, “but I don't wanna take the place of old Sparky there!!!” Valerie reached down and gave the pup another scruff on the head and replied softly, “Don't worry about that, it'll never happen!!!” The night air was cool as the two sophomores wended their way across the quad to Valerie's dorm on the other side of the giganitic campus, and even though they were just good friends, Dale slipped his arm around Valerie's back and held her close while they chatted away about this and that!!! “Here we are,” Dale announced, “do you want me to see you all the way inside!?!” “That won't be necessary,” Valerie replied quickly, “Sparky can take it from here!!!” Expecting as usual for Dale to give her a hearty good night, Valerie was a little puzzled when he was silent for a second or two before asking softly, “Val, could I please ask you a favor?!?” “Sure,” she replied brightly!!! “I-I'd like to kiss you good night!!!”

She was absolutely taken aback by the out of left field request as her heart fluttered wildly at the suggestion, but before she could reply, she felt warm soft lips pressing gently against her own causing her legs to grow weak and shaky from its intense passion!!! “M-my goodness,” she stammered after they broke apart, “what brought that on!?!” “You don't know how long I've wanted to do that,” he whispered softly while taking her into his arms and kissing her again, but this time with more intensity, “you're so beautiful and pure of soul, I-I think that I love you, Valerie Cooke!!!” While she had had a few dates in high school, and even a kiss or two, this was the first time that man had passionately treated her like a woman, and the feelings that roiled up inside of her almost frightened her, but she still managed to keep her head and reply, “How could you love me, Dale, you hardly even know me!?!” “I know all I have to know,” he answered firmly, “and sometimes a person just knows when it's right, and I've never felt more right about anything in my whole life!!!”

Finally back up in her room, Valerie sat down on the edge of her bed contemplating what had just occurred between her and Dale, and while she knew that it was happening very quickly, her heart told her that she wanted him as much as he did her!!! Her experience with sex was next to nil, but the feelings burning inside of her was like a wild fire raging over the plains, so with a trembling hand she undid her jeans and plunged her fingers deep inside of her squishy vagina, quickly bringing herself to a shuddering climax that left her collapsed limply on her bed dreaming about Dale's lips on her own!!! As blessed sleep began to over take her, she was jerked awake by the loud jangling of the telephone, and much to her glee, the voice on the other end of the line was Dale's who asked, “I didn't wake you up did I!?!” “Oh no,” she lied, “I was just doing a little reading, it's no problem at all!!!” “Uh good,” he replied a nervously, “well the reason I called, uh was, I was wondering if you'd like to take a ride out to the lake tomorrow after class, we could have a picnic and maybe do a little swimming!?!”

“How much farther is it,” Valerie asked as Dale drove carefully down the narrow twisting gravel road towards the lake!?! “Not much farther,” he replied while glancing over at the beautiful young woman sitting next to him, “we should be there in a minute or two,” and even Sparky who was trained to be restrained and under control seemed excited as the shimmering blue waters came into view!!! “It smells so fresh and clean,” Valerie said while taking in a lungful of the pine scented air, “and I can hear the waves lapping against the shore!!!” “It really is beautiful out here,” Dale said while gazing at the azure blue waters, “someday I'd like to build a cabin on a place just like this!!!” “That sounds wonderful, Dale,” Valerie replied softly, “say, let's swim now and eat later, okay!?!” Both of them had their suits on under their shorts and tees shirts, and it only took a few seconds for them to tear of their clothes and begin wading in the warm clear water!!! Dale held firmly onto Valerie's hand as they ventured farther and farther into deeper water until Valerie's head was ready slip under the gently lapping waves!!! “N-no farther,” she stammered while standing on her tip toes, “I'm gonna go under!!!” “No you won't,” Dale said chuckling, “come here, I'll help you,” and effortlessly he pulled her to him and held her close to his chest!!!

“Is that better,” he asked softly as their young bodies pressed together?!? She nodded her head yes, and when he softly kissed her, she responded as only a young finely tuned young woman could while losing herself in the passion of the moment!!! “I do love you, Valerie, Cooke, I certainly do,” he whispered while nibbling her ear, “you make me feel so alive it's impossible to describe!!!” As Sparky froliced in the shallow water along the shore, Valerie offered no resistence when Dale unhooked the top of her bikini, allowing her full firm breasts to press against his smooth tanned chest, and after another long passionate kiss, he gently lifted her out of the water and sucked her hard shriveled nipples into his greedy mouth!!! “Oh god,” she gasped, “I-I had no idea it would be this good, ohhhhh myyyyyy!!!” Dale took turns on each nipple, gently nipping licking them until Valerie was squirming around in his arms, obviously in state of extreme arousal, and as most women do, she caressed his head in her arms pulling his fervent mouth to her tingling breasts!!! As much as he loved nursing on her incredible chest, he wanted more, and in a soft voice he said, “Hold on to my shoulders, there's one more thing I have to do!!!” “W-what is it,” she mumbled under her breath while doing what she was told?!? “Just this,” he replied while quickly slipping her bikini bottom down over her thighs and past her ankles until she was hanging there totally naked, “are you ready for me!?!”

“Do you think we should,” she moaned as he slipped his hand between her legs and fingered her gaping organ, “I-I'm a virgin!?!” “Me too,” he replied while kissing her neck, “and for the rest of our lives we'll be the only ones for each other,” as he guided his thick erection to the opening of her vagina, “now, I'll ask you one more time, are you ready!?!” Even though the water was relatively cool, the heat pouring out of Valerie's vagina was only intensified as Dale's pecker head pressed against her, and after giving it one last thought, she let loose of his shoulders letting the big dick penetrate her tight pussy with one smooth stroke!!! Her eyes rolled back into her head as the pain of the initial thrust stabbed at her, but in only a matter of seconds the pain was replaced with a feeling incredible pleasure as she wrapped her legs around Dale's waist while her pussy rested comfortably on his big fat cock!!! “I-is it good for you, too,” he moaned as the gently rolling waves buffeted them back and forth, and only deepened their feelings of pleasure!!! “God it's the most wonderful feeling to have,” she gasped while grinding her pussy onto his pecker, “I've never felt more like a woman than at this very second!!!”

While the sensation of just being together was truely wonderful, after a certain amount of time the urge for him to pound her and the urge for her to be taken over took them, and as if on cue, they both began rocking together in unison allowing his thickness to slide gently in and out of her until finally he was thrusting with total abandon into her now helpless vagina, causing both of them to stiffen and groan as their organs convulsed together in the first gential induced orgasm either of them had ever had!!! As much as she liked to act normal, not a minute would go by that she didn't feel trapped by her blindness, but when Dale put her nipples in her mouth and later on when he actually fucked her, for those few magical moments she was just like every other human being on the planet, and it was exhilerating to say the least!!!

Later on as they lay in each others arms on the beach, Dale said soflty, “I have just one question for you, Valerie Cooke, and your answer will tell me exactly where I stand!!!” “Oh,” she replied, “and what question would that be!?!” “As of this minute, where do I rate against Sparky!?!” “Well,” she ask with a giggle, “would you settle for a tie!?!” As he pressed his body close to hers and kissed her neck, he replied soflty, “That's good enough for now, but just for now!!!”


Hentai: [Studio Heikoubou (Hyoitto)] Teishu no Inuma ni Totsugeki! Oyako Donburi

[Studio Heikoubou (Hyoitto)] Teishu no Inuma ni Totsugeki! Oyako Donburi 0[Studio Heikoubou (Hyoitto)] Teishu no Inuma ni Totsugeki! Oyako Donburi 1[Studio Heikoubou (Hyoitto)] Teishu no Inuma ni Totsugeki! Oyako Donburi 2[Studio Heikoubou (Hyoitto)] Teishu no Inuma ni Totsugeki! Oyako Donburi 3[Studio Heikoubou (Hyoitto)] Teishu no Inuma ni Totsugeki! Oyako Donburi 4[Studio Heikoubou (Hyoitto)] Teishu no Inuma ni Totsugeki! Oyako Donburi 5[Studio Heikoubou (Hyoitto)] Teishu no Inuma ni Totsugeki! Oyako Donburi 6[Studio Heikoubou (Hyoitto)] Teishu no Inuma ni Totsugeki! Oyako Donburi 7[Studio Heikoubou (Hyoitto)] Teishu no Inuma ni Totsugeki! Oyako Donburi 8[Studio Heikoubou (Hyoitto)] Teishu no Inuma ni Totsugeki! Oyako Donburi 9[Studio Heikoubou (Hyoitto)] Teishu no Inuma ni Totsugeki! Oyako Donburi 10[Studio Heikoubou (Hyoitto)] Teishu no Inuma ni Totsugeki! Oyako Donburi 11[Studio Heikoubou (Hyoitto)] Teishu no Inuma ni Totsugeki! Oyako Donburi 12

[スタジオ平行棒 (豹一兎)] 亭主の居ぬ間に突撃!母娘どんぶり

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