Boobs Umarenaoshi Program

Chapter 1 Stephs intro to oral sex

This story is purely fiction

I was walking with my friend from school he lived 3 houses away from me
so we spend alot of time together while we were walking he asked me if i wanna come chill at his
house for a while well i didint wanna go home and face my sisters they are brats so i agreed
and followed him into his house we were chillen in his room for a while until he asked me if i
have ever done anything with a guy i didint know what he ment by done anything so he went under
his bed and pulled out this magazine with naked ladies on it and opened up to a page were it
had a girl sucking a mans doodle and yes were both 15 and say doodle so he ment sexual things
the most sexual thing ive done with a guy is kiss him on the lips so i told him no he said hasnt
done anything with a girl either and asked me if i wanna try doing what the 2 people were doing
my first thought was ew yuckie i asked him isint that were your pee comes from he told me yes
but theres another liquid that comes out called cum what was cum? i asked him he told me it was
a thick white liquid witch that helps girls make babies i told him i didint want to get pregnant
he told me not to worry if u only get it in your pussy thats when u can get pregnant i wasent
sure if i should he was on his knees saying pretty please ill do the same to you i knew guys
could put their mouth on our girl parts so i agreed but i told him he has to do it to me first
he agreed so i got on his bed and laid down he unbuckled the belt holding my shorts up as he
was unzipping my shorts a wave of both fear and excitement circulated through my body once my
pants were of he dragged his thumb over the top of my panties and began to rub the front of them
i knew he was rubbing me because ive been playing with myself for a while now i asked him y he
is rubbing me instead of licking me he told me its to make u more wet and juicy so i have more
juices to drink i akwardly said alright he continued pressing his thumb on my g spot i started
to get really aroused my friend noticed oh by the way his name is dray i forgot to mention that
he noticed me getting really wet he withdrew his thumb from my white cotton panties leaving a
wet spot the size of his thumb he lefts my bumb up gently and pulls my panties down over past
my knees and of my ankles my pussy was now exposed i felt kinda shy but yet very very horny
he got up on the bed beside me and spread my legs and moved in between them he was just inches
away from my pussy he asked me if im ready i put my hands on my face and took a deep breath in
and said ok do it he moved closer to my pussy until i feel something cover my bald pussy i then
felt his tounge make his way up my slit then down my slit i asked him how it tastes he muttered
something while his mouth was still on my pussy i couldnt understand him but it also tickled me
down there he began to wiggle his tounge at the tip of my pussy later on i found out that was
my g spot i started breathig really heavily his licking gets faster and faster i push his face
into my pussy moans escape my mouth i began to squirt and i feel an orgasm sweep over me not just
any ordinary orgasm i felt like i was peeing at the same time and i t was going into drays mouth
once the orgasm was finished he withdrew his mouth from my pussy and looked at me the first word
that escaped outta my mouth was im so sorry he look puzzled and asked y are u sorry i replied
saying because i peed in your mouth dray began laughing and saying thats not pee u squirted its
what you call girl cum girls do it when they are really horny and wet did u like it ? i loved
i replied dray dropped his pants already and a big 6 inch cock was hanging over my face and he
said to me my turn with a smirk on his face i needed a minute or 2 to catch my breath so i
grabbed the shaft of his cock and moved it slowly up and down for a few seconds once my breathing
was up to speed i knelt down on the floor and held his dick in front of my face i took a deep
breath and closed my eyes and took the whole thing in my mouth and quicly took my mouth of i
was scared that he would cum he told me i have to suck it for a while before i cum i took a
second taste this time i just sucked the head then moved down until the whole thing was in my
mouth i sucked up and down slowly i asked him if it felt good because he had a sad look on his
face he pulled me of his dick and layed back on the bed and told me to do wat i was doing before
but just to do it fast i did what he said i knelt on the floor and took his dick all the way in
my mouth and began sucking up and down really fast he held my hair to the side so i could see
what i was doing after about 5 minutes i sorta felt his cock twitch in my mouth and i heard
dray begining to groan then i felt something hit the back of my throa then something leak onto
my tounge and fill my mouth dray slid his cock outta my mouth after that i realise he came in
my mouth cum started to drible outta the corners of my mouth i spat wat was left in my mouth onto
my shirt i looked at dray in dissapointment and told him why did u cum in my mouth he told me
it was ment to be a suprise but i hated suprises he kept on asking me wat it was like i told him
it was realy salty but it was a bit sweet at the end im just glad i spat it out he told me i will
eventually get use to it i yelled at him im not doing this again this was just a 1 of thing he
understood i thought it was time for me to go so i just told him ill see you at school and i
walked out

CHAPTER 2 Stephanie's intro to sex COMING SOON. .

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